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GUSTARD DAC-R26 Discrete R2R DAC With Streamer Renderer

GUSTARD DAC-R26 Discrete R2R DAC With Streamer Renderer

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>Discrete R2R Architecture.

>1Bit Native DSD support.

>Supports High-Resolution PCM and DSD signal decoding.

>Built-in Streamer and Renderer.

>Supports Roon and Upnp.

>Latest-gen XMOS USB processor.

>Specially-designed Ultra-low Jitter Femto-Second Crystal Oscillators.

>10M K2 Digital Clock Interface.

>High-Resolution Bluetooth Transmission.

>LDAC Wireless Transmission Codec support.

>Multiple Inputs including IIS.

>Single-ended as well as Balanced connections.

>Independent Power Supply.

>Fully-functioning Remote Control.

Gustard R26 is a discrete R2R ladder DAC that promises exceptional performance with precisely designed R2R ladder architecture. It is a native 1 Bit DAC that supports pure DSD signal decoding without DSD to PCM conversion. R2R technology has been popular for many years in desktop segments in recent times we have seen many brands implementing the R2R tech in portable gears as well. Gustard R26 also supports streaming functions with ROON and uPNP support(more functions will be added soon). R26 is a high-end Desktop DAC designed to take your desktop stack to an all-new level with its impressive performance.

Discrete R2R Architecture:-

Gustard R26 features a precisely crafted R-2R ladder DAC array. The R2R ladder array converts the digital signal to analog with full precision. It offers a more natural sound where the vocals sound more pleasing notes sound soft and well-defined. Gustard has professionally arranged the Resistors here with full precision and deep adjustments. The DAC offers true high-resolution performance with a native 1Bit DAC.

Latest-Gen USB Processor:-

Gustard R26 is equipped with the latest-gen XMOS XU216 USB signal processor chip. It supports 32-Bit/768kHz PCM as well as native DSD512 decoding over the USB connection. It provides impressive performance with high-resolution audio files presenting them with full precision.

Native 1Bit DAC:-

Gustard R26 acts as a native 1Bit DAC. It supports high-resolution DSD512 natively through the USB input and native DSD1024 via the IIS input. The DSD stream is decoded by an independent 1Bit DAC without any DSD to PCM conversion.

Super-Clean Performance With Ultra-Low-Noise FemtoSecond Crystal Oscillators and K2 Clock Synthesiser:-

Gustard has equipped the R26 with ultra-low noise crystal oscillators. The DAC also supports an external clock through the K2 ultra-low noise clock synthesizer. This results in a clean performance the DAC voice any interference from the input source.

High-resolution Bluetooth Connectivity:-

Gustard R26 features Wireless Bluetooth connectivity for high-res audio signal input. It provides stable lag-free Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity with high-resolution LDAC AptX HD and AptX LL wireless transmission codec support.

Isolated Digital and Analog Power Supply:-

R26 gets two independent toroidal transformers for the power supply on the device. Both the analog and digital circuits get their independent power supply resulting in cleaner performance.

Streamer/Renderer Functionality:-

Gustard R26 can also act as a streamer or renderer. Currently it supports UPnP and Roon interface soon Gustard will add more protocols to the device.

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