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Matrix Element X ES9038PRO/ES9311/Femtosecond Clock MQA DAC Pre-AMP

Matrix Element X ES9038PRO/ES9311/Femtosecond Clock MQA DAC Pre-AMP

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>Industry Leading Chipset.

>Full MQA Support.

>High-Performance ES9038Pro DAC.

>Ultra Low Noise LDO ES9311 Chip.

>Crystek CCHD-950 Femtosecond Clock.

>Brand New XMOS XU216 USB Processor.

>AirPlay & DLNA Support.

>Pre-Amp and Fully Balanced Headphone Amplifier.

>Double Shell Structure.

>Sturdy Power Supply.

>PCM Decoding up-to 32-Bit/768kHz DSD up to DSD512 Natively.

>Android App Support.

Matrix has released its latest flagship desktop DAC/AMP system the Matrix Element X. It is a beautiful piece of art designed with great precision tuned with years of professional experience. Equipped with the latest and industry-leading chipset's the Matrix Element X guarantees an unmatched flagship experience with ultra-high resolution sound output clarity.

Industry Leading Chipset Configuration:-

The Matrix Element X is equipped with industry-leading chipsets that guarantees a superb sound quality with crisp clarity and detailing. It features flagship ES9038Pro DAC chip paired with ultra-low noise LDO ES9311 chip and Crystk CCHD-950 Femtosecond clock. The Player is equipped with latest XU216 USB processor it can decode PCM up to 32-Bit/768kHz and DSD up to DSD256 natively over the USB input. With IIS input it supports DSD decoding up to DSD512 natively.

Years Of Experience & Excellence:-

Professional teams with years of experience in designing and tuning audio equipment have researched for more than a year in designing the Matrix Element X. Meanwhile It has a high-quality audio system based on Linux. Being different from other previous products of Matrix the element X has the function of playing network streaming media and local audio files it converts from a DAC into a full-function audio source.

Full MQA Decoding & Rendering:-

The Matrix Element X features full MQA support. It includes full MQA decoding and rendering. MQA is a high-resolution coding technique where the audio files have high sampling rates and lower file size. The Element series products from Matrix are full MQA decoders and ready for the latest high-quality streaming media capabilities.

Hybrid Volume Control:-

To improve the precision of traditional potentiometer volume control and the dynamic disadvantage of digital volume controls Matrix has designed hybrid digital volume control for the Element X. It features a relay array and DAC chip internal digital volume unit. Combined with analog volume control and digital volume control to provide its users with the best of both worlds. It has good volume control quality of analog control and high precision of digital volume controls.

Pre-Amp with Balanced and Unbalanced Line Out:-

Users can use the Matrix Element X as per their needs. They can utilize the high precision DAC in the Element X making it act as a Pre Amp. It has two options for line out unbalanced R and Balanced XLR output.

Fully Balanced Headphone Amplifier:-

Apart from line-out features the Matrix Element X also features fa fully balanced Headphone Amplifier with LME49600 chip. It consists of independent four-channel amplifier units. It can drive your most demanding pairs of headphones with ease. The element X has fully balanced XLR 4 and XLR3 outputs and an unbalanced TRS 6.35mm headphone output port. The device has a monstrous output power rating of up to 1700mW @ 32 Ohm of load.

High-Performance Power Supply Unit:-

Power supply plays an important role in Desktop DAC/AMPs. They might induce background electrical noise in the output but this is not the case with the Element X. Matrix has used a customized Noratal toroidal transformer and Nichicon audio capacitor for element X multiple sets of separation power supply and linear LDO with the well-designed four-layer PCB. All of the above components ensure users get clean and distortion-free sound output.

Double-Shell Structure:-

Since different materials have their own resonant frequency. Element X is designed as a double-shell structure. The inner shell used the stamping and bending galvanized sheet with multi-strip reinforcing ribs which has terrific strength while the external shell is made of 4mm aluminum sheet the cooperation of the two materials changed the fixed resonant frequency and reduced the negative impact of resonance on sound quality.

Package Contents:-

>Matrix Element X.

>RM3 Remote Control.

>Power Cable.

>USB Cable.

>2x Wi-Fi Antenna.


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