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SMSL M400 DAC+ SP400 HPA+ XLR Cable Stack

SMSL M400 DAC+ SP400 HPA+ XLR Cable Stack

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Package Contents: 

  • 1×SMSL M400 MQA DAC ( more details here  )
  • 1×SMSL SP400 Amp ( more details here )
  • 1× Gustard 1m XLR Cable ( more details here  )  or 1×SKW OCC XLR Cable  (  more details here  )   

SMSL M400 MQA DAC AK4499 DSD Decoder DSD512 32bit 768kHz Pre-Amplifier


Features of SMSL M400:

>Full MQA Decoding.

>Industry Leading High-Performance AK4499 DAC Chip.

>THD+N: 0.000058%(-124dB).

>Dynamic Range: 131dB.

>Signal to Noise Ratio: 131dB.

>Second Generation 16-core XMOS XU216 USB Receiver.

>PCM Decoding up to 32-Bit/768kHz DSD up to DSD512 natively.

>Dual Independent ACCUSILICON crystal oscillators.

>ALTERA's High-Speed Clock to process clock and Jitter free conversion.

>Powerful OPAMP's featuring OPA1611 and OPA1612.

>Ultra Low Noise Floor.

>Multiple Input Supported featuring USB Optical Co-axial IIS and Bluetooth.

>Latest Bluetooth V5.0 Support with Ultra Hi-Res codecs including UAT LDAC AptX HD and more.

>LCD Color Display.

>Fully Operational Remote Control.

>Dual Output Ports including Fully Balanced XLR Output and Unbalanced R Output.

>Power Consumption: 5W.

SMSL released their latest flagship-level Desktop DAC the SMSL M400. It features industry-leading flagship DAC chip AK4499 paired with high-quality chips to provide the users an unmatched crisp sound decoding output.

Industry Leading Chipset:-

SMSL M400 features an industry-leading flagship AKM DAC AK4499 paired with second-generation 16-core XMOS XU216 USB receiver chip and dual independent crystal oscillators. The chipset provides a distortion-free and high-quality sound output rich with details. The M400 is able to decode PCM up to 32-Bit/768kHz and DSD up to DSD512 natively. Apart from a powerful DAC and USB chip it also features powerful OPA amp's OPA1611 and OPA1612.

Unmatched Sound Decoding Quality:-

SMSL M400 has an ultra-low distortion rating of 0.000058%(-124dB) high dynamic range and signal to noise ratio of 131dB. The DAC provides an unmatched sound decoding quality. The output has a very clean background completely noise and distortion-free.

Multiple Input/Output Ports:-

SMSL M400 features multiple input ports. The device features USB Optical Coaxial IIS and Bluetooth Input modes. The Bluetooth Input supports all the latest Hi-res codecs featuring UAT LDAC AptX HD and More. UAT is the latest high-quality codec developed by HiBy it features files with 24-Bit/192kHz bitrate and offers the best sound quality streaming over wireless connectivity. The device features two output options one fully balanced XLR output and one R unbalanced output.

PreAMP Mode with Variable Volume Support:-

SMSL M400 features Preamp mode you can use the M400 to provide a clean decoded audio signal further to an amplifier in your chain. The PreAMP mode features two modes fixed volume and variable volume.

Digital Audio Filters:-

SMSL features six different PCM decoding filters including Slow Roll-off Sharp Roll-off Short Sharp Roll-off and more. The device also features two DSD filters narrow and wide. Users can choose between these filters with ease using the remote control included in the package.

LCD Display and Fully Operational Remote Control:-

SMSL M400 features an LCD color display on the front that shows basic information like active input type active bit-rate and output volume levels. The device is fully operational using the remote control included in the package.


SMSL SP400 THX Headphone Amplifier



>THX AAA-888 Amplification Circuit.

>High-Performance Audio Circuit.

>Balanced Stereo Headphone Output.

>Balanced Pre-Amp Out.

>High-Precision and Low-Noise 256 Level Relay Volume Control.

>3-Level Gain Switch(Low Medium High).

>High-Efficiency Ultra-Low-Noise Power Supply.

>Premium Japanese Headphone Sockets.

>1.9 LCD Display.

Technical Specifications:-

>Output Power(Balanced): 12Wx2 @ 16Ω 6Wx2  @ 32Ω 880mWx2 @ 300Ω 440mWx2 @ 600Ω.

>Output Power(Unbalanced): 6Wx2 @ 16Ω 3Wx2 @ 32Ω 440mWx2 @ 300Ω 220mWx2 @ 600Ω.

>Signal to Noise Ratio: 133dB A-weighted.

>Output Noise: 1.9uV A-weighted.

>THD+N: -123dB 0.00007%(1kHz 32Ω).

>THD+N: -117dB 0.00013%(20Hz-20kHz 32Ω -3dB).

>THD: <-125dB 0.00006%.

>Input Impedance: 47kΩ.

>Output Impedance: Near 0Ω.

>Frequency Response Range: 0.1Hz-500kHz(-3dB).

>Power Supply Voltage: AC100-240V 50-60Hz.

>Power Consumption(EN60065): <40W.

>Power Consumption in Standby Mode: <0.1W.

>Dimensions: 225x210x43(mm).

>Packing Size: 354x276x80(mm).

>Weight: 1330gms.

SMSL SP400 is the latest desktop amplifier from SMSL housing a powerful THX AAA-888 amplification circuit to deliver the best sound experience to its users.

THX AAA-888 Amplification Circuit:-

Equipped with a powerful THX AAA-888 amplification circuit the SP400 produces a super clean sound output with ultra-low distortion. The THX AAA-888 is a linear double amplifier circuit with patented feed-forward error correction technology. It effectively reduces the distortion caused by traditional amplifier circuits and produces a lively distortion-free sound output.

Quality Comes With High-Quality Components:-

In the pursuit to present the world with a brilliant performing amplifier system SMSL has equipped the SP400 with many premium components. The audio motherboard inside the SP400 uses many 0.1% high-precision low-temperature drift resistor. The PCB uses a 6-layered gold circuit board. Two customized THX power modules provide a stable and reliable power output guarantee.

Precise Volume Adjustment:-

Equipped with multiple premium volume relays inside the audio circuit the SMSL SP400 offers a very precise 256-level volume adjustment. It allows the users to precisely adjust the output level even with a sensitive pair of headphones and earphones.

Elegant & Powerful:-

Made with sandblasted aluminum chassis using the high-precision CNC machining process the SP400 has a classy elegant look. It holds supreme power capabilities to power up your most demanding cans with ease. With power as high as 12Wx2 at 16Ω of load(Balanced connection) it can power your most demanding of the cans with ease.

Audiophile-Grade Power Supply:-

Equipped with two units of customized 24W high-efficiency low-noise power supply units it guarantees an efficient supply to power to all of the audio components resulting in a super clean output. A bad power supply can introduce electrical noise in the output but that's not the case with the SMSL SP400. You get the best sound experience with the SMSL SP400 in your audio chain.




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