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SMSL SU9 DAC+ SH9 Amp+ XLR Cable Stack

SMSL SU9 DAC+ SH9 Amp+ XLR Cable Stack

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Package Contents: 

  • 1×SMSL SU9 DAC ( more details here )
  • SMSL SH9 Amp ( more details here )
  • 1× Gustard 1m XLR Cable ( more details here  )  or 1×SKW OCC XLR Cable  (  more details here  ) 



ES9038Pro is currently the highest offering from American DAC chip manufacturing company ESS Technologies. The new SMSL SU-9 DAC supports a wide range of input formats including: PCM up to 32bit 768kHz DSD DoP and SPDIF. The SU-9 features a front panel with a minimalist style with a color display in the middle and a rotary encoder on the right.

SMSL has carefully thought the circuit board layout and design through using short tracks for the analog signal to get the highest sound quality. The rotary encoder on the front panel allows for switching between inputs changing sound color modes setting the DAC to preamp mode and digital volume control provided in 99 steps.

USB digital input is handled by XMOS XU-208 enabling the SMSL SU-9 of decoding PCM up to 32bit/768kHz and DSD512 and MQA. Other notable specs include seven user-selectable filters Bluetooth connectivity an optimized clock processing circuit and ES9311 voltage regulators that have an ultra-low noise of 1uVrms.

The SMSL SU-9 DAC follows the company's footsteps and includes an internal power supply which is definitely a plus makes the SU-9 feel heavy assuring its high quality.

SU-9 includes a digital PLL jitter-reduction system option to reduce jitter to undetectable levels which is useful when connecting the balanced DAC to optical source connections such as TV.

The SMSL SU-9 includes seven digital filters that are coded in the ESS ES9039Pro DAC chip itself such as Apodizing linear fast a fast linear and minimum phase filters a slow linear and minimum phase filter along with the traditional brick wall.

For wireless music playback the SMSL SU-9 also includes a Bluetooth connection and a wireless removable Bluetooth antenna attached to the back panel of the DAC.


SMSL SH-9 Balanced Headphone Amplifier



>THX-888 Amplification Module.

>Patented Feed-Forward Error Correction Technology.

>CNC Milled Aluminium Body.

>4-Pin XLR Balanced Headphone Output.

>6.35mm Unbalanced Headphone Output.

>Two Gain Levels(Low: +0dB High: +10dB).

>Highly Efficient Low-Noise Power Supply.

>1.9 LCD Display.

Technical Specs:-

>Output Power: 6Wx2 @ 16Ω 3Wx2 @ 32Ω 440mWx2 @ 300Ω 220mWx2 @ 600Ω.

>Signal To Noise Ratio: 137dB.

>Output Noise: 1.9uV A-Weighted.

>THD+N: -123dB 0.00006%(A-Weighted).

>THD+N: -117dB 0.00013%(20Hz-20kHz 32Ohm -3dB).

>THD+N: -125dB 0.00006%(1kHz 16Ω -3dB).

>Input Impedance: 47kΩ.

>Output Impedance: Near 0Ω.

>Frequency Response: 0.1Hz-500kHz(-3dB).

>Power supply voltage/frequency: AC100-240V 50-60 Hz.

>Power consumption(EN60065): 24W.

>Power consumption in standby mode: <0.1W.

>Size: 187.5x154x40(mm).

>Packing size: 282x232x79(mm).

>Weight: 790g.

SMSL has released its latest desktop amplifier the SMSL SH-9. It is a high-performance fully balanced amplifier with THX AAA-888 amplification circuit and offers both balanced and unbalanced input and output options.

Certified THX AAA-888 Amplification Circuit:-

The SMSL SH-9 is equipped with a certified THX AAA-888 amplification circuit. THX AAA(Achromatic Audio Amplifier) ensures an ultimate sound quality experience with supreme power ultra-low levels of noise-floor distortion and power consumption.

Patented Feed-Forward Error Connection Topology:-

The THX AAA-888 amplification circuit inside the SH-9 features a patented feed-forward error connection topology. It nullifies conventional distortion mechanisms and results in a high-fidelity sound quality experience for its users.


Fully Balanced Architecture:-

The SMSL SH-9 consists of a balanced circuitry for the audio signal amplification. It has both balanced and unbalanced input-output ports. It houses a balanced XLR signal input along with unbalanced R input. So you can connect it to your DAC systems without any trouble. For output the SH-9 features a 4-pin XLR balanced port and a 6.35mm unbalanced port.

PowerHouse For Your Headphones:-

Are you getting trouble powering your headphones? Don't worry anymore we got your covered. The SMSL SH-9 is a highly capable device with humongous output power. It has a monstrous power rating of up to 6Wx2 @ 16Ω 3Wx2 @ 32Ω 440mWx2 @ 300Ω and 220mWx2 @ 600Ω. This is more than enough to power up your most demanding headphones without any trouble.

High-Precision Volume Adjustment:-

The SMSL SH-9 features a high-precision 256-interval analog volume adjustment built on a resistance array. This ensures precise volume adjustment with your headphones and IEMs. Yes the SH-9 has an ultra-low output impedance of nearly 0Ω so you can use sensitive IEMs with the SH-9.

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