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STAX - SR-X9000 Electrostatic Headphones

STAX - SR-X9000 Electrostatic Headphones

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SR-X9000 is the new flagship Earspeaker that marks the pinnacle of Stax electrostatic headphones production. A major technology advancement is the MILER-3 (Multi-Layer-Elect-Rords) - a four-layer fixed electrode combining mesh electrodes and conventional etching electrodes that are crimped by thermal diffusion bonding. The newly developed manufacturing technique matures through a 20-year accumulated research and development allowing a rigid structure that is resistant to resonation while smoothly evolving the transmission characteristics of sound compared to conventional multilayer fixed electrodes.

A product development story: the circular metal mesh once mounted on the SR-X was one of the ideal electrodes to reduce the effects of air resistance and reflections and increase sound permeability. However there was a big hurdle in installing metal mesh electrodes in products because they lack strength and are resonant-prone that causes playback sound to become muddy. In the 1990s the original SR-¦¸ was developed with the goal of increasing the size of the metal mesh; however the manufacturing technique was at its infancy as it was unpractical to produce stable products. As a matter of fact there was only a few pairs of SR-¦¸ were made.

The SR-X9000 diaphragm is made of ultra-thin engineering film that is 20% larger than the previous flagship SR-009S. The diaphragm mass has been reduced to create a lightning-fast reaction speed and high-frequency response range that elevates headphone listening to a whole new level.

Aluminum is a metal good for sound and suitable material for audio equipment. It is abundantly used e.g. at the frame supporting the appearance and sound element to realize high-quality sound rigidity and lightweight. Almost every part of the SR-009 is manufactured through precise machine processing.

The high-purity copper developed from the necessity of wiring large-scale integration circuits is also known as high-quality audio cables. High-purity copper wire of 99.9999% (6Nines) purity adopted for the cable is further silver-coated and finished with the most suitable structure to drive the earspeaker.

The earpad of a new design is carefully made by a craftsman's hand and features both the real leather with good humidity environment and the cushion material with moderate elasticity.

The new earpad enables hours of comfortable listening to music.

ARC(head band):
The arc is equipped with a position adjustment mechanism of 10-step slider and corresponds to the wide range of cranial form with individual difference.


Type: push-pull electrostatic sound element open-air type enclosure

Sound element shape: large round shape¡¡

Fixed electrode: MLER-3 (Multi Layer Electrodes)

Frequency response: 5 - 42000Hz

Electrostatic capacitance: 110pF ¡¡

Impedance: 145k¦¸ ¡¡

Sound pressure sensitivity: 100dB¡¡

Bias voltage: 580V DC

Attached cable conductor: 6N(99.9999%)OFC + silver plated annealed copper wire

Cable: parallel 6-strand low-capacity wide cable

Cable length:2.5m1.5m

Ear pad: genuine sheep leather (skin touching portion) artificial leather (surrounding portion)

Weight: 432g (ear speaker)

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In the box

  • STAX SR-X9000 headphone x 1
  • Storage box x 1
  • Owners manual x 1
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