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TOPPING E30+ L30 + RCA Cable

TOPPING E30+ L30 + RCA Cable

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Ultra-High-Performance Stack: TOPPING E30+L30

TOPPING designed the E30 and L30 to match well as a matching stack offering extreme levels of performance. It is challenging to find any other single-ended audio equipment thatis capable of offering better performance or value than the TOPPING E30+L30 stack.

Package Contents:

  • 1¡ÁTOPPING E30 DAC. ( more details here )
  • 1¡ÁTOPPING L30 PreAmp ( more details here )
  • 1¡Á 0.25m R cable( more details here )

TOPPING E30 DAC Highlights:

High-Performance AKM AK4493 DAC Chip

TOPPING E30 uses the High-performance AK4493 DAC chip from manufacturer AKM. The Premium 32-bit two-channel AK4493 DAC chip uses AKM's VELVET SOUNDTM technology to achieve industry-leading low distortion levels and a wide dynamic range. The TOPPING E30 DAC provides an ultra-clean crisp and musical audio signal decoding.

2nd Generation XMOS XU208 USB Chip

TOPPING E30 uses the 2nd generation XMOS XU208 USB interface receiver chip to decode audio up to 32-Bit/768kHz for PCM and DSD512 for the DSD audio format (Native). The E30 can also decode DSD over DoP up to DSD256.

AKM AK4118 S/PDIF Receiver

TOPPING E30 uses the digital audio AK4118 transceiver for S/PDIF input. The AKM AK4118 is currently the lowest jitter S/PDIF receivers available supporting up to 192kHz 24bits.

Ultra-Low Distortion & Clean Background

TOPPING E30 has an ultra-low distortion level of 0.0003%. The signal-to-noise ratio is an impressive 121dB whereas the dynamic range reaches a high level of 119 dB. As a result The TOPPING E30 digital to analog converter provides low noise jitter-free audio decoding combined with a black background allowing all the micro details in your music to pop out with crisp clarity.

5V Power Supply

The TOPPING E30 DAC is powered by a 5V power supply making it very versatile and easy to use. The E30 can be powered from the USB port of any PC phone charger or even a power bank. You can enjoy listening to your music at any time anywhere without any need for bulky adapters.

OLED Display

The front OLED display of the TOPPING E30displays useful information such as the active source input sample rate and volume level.

Multiple Input Options

The TOPPING E30 has three inputs: USB digital coaxial and optical. Users can easily use and switch between the multiple inputs using the remote control.
Note: The TOPPING E30 can decode 32Bit/768kHz PCM & DSD512 only when using the USB input Optical and coaxial inputs support up to 24Bit/192kHz.

TOPPING L30 Preamp Highlights:

Ultra High-Performance NF Modules

The TOPPING L30 headphone amplifier incorporates NF(Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier) modules from the flagship A90.The TOPPING L30 amplifier provides excellent AC and DC performance by using a voltage-current hybrid feedback architecture.

The L30 amplifier incorporates TOPPING's UHGF (ultra high gain feedback) technology in a voltage-current hybrid feedback architecture. The TOPPING L30 amplifier can drive any pair of headphones without compromises providing a perfect and flawless musical representation accompanied by unparalleled levels of clarity.

Surpassing The Limits Of APX555B

The APX555B is a two-channel audio analyzer by Audio Precision (AP). It is widely recognized as the global standard in audio testing equipment helping engineers worldwide design validate characterize and manufacture audio products. Over the years we have witnessed many companies claiming ridiculous numbers with no proof to back up their claims. High output power low distortion and high dynamic range.

Three Gain Settings

TOPPING L30 hasmultiple gain settingsincluding -9.9dB gain setting to allow for the finest granular gain control.

TOPPING L30 Gain Settings:

  • Low (-9.9dB).
  • Mid (0dB).
  • High (9.5dB).

Three gain settings that include unity and low-gain (-9.9dB) should provide a considerable amount of usable volume control for sensitive IEMs. Switching between the three gain levels is a relatively straightforward process simply flick the dedicated metal gain toggle switch on the front panel.

Low and mid-gain levels (-9.9dB and 0dB) are suitable for driving efficient over-ears and IEMs Owners of power demanding hard-to-drive headphones will find themselves frequently switching to high gain (9.5dB). TOPPING L30 is capable of powering all different kinds of headphones from highly sensitive IEMs to power demanding full-size headphones.

Excellent Amplifier + Preamp

The TOPPING L30 can be used in two modes amplifier and preamplifier modes.One of the advantages of TOPPING's NF modules is their ability to transfer the same performance and allow their use as a state of the art preamplifier. The NF modules of the L30 are capable of providing the same transparent performance of the L30 but doing so with an astonishingly low out impedance of 20 ohms.

The preamp functionality is easily accessible by a dedicated switch on the front panel. Many users will appreciate this approach as it avoids the need to unplug your headphones to use the preamp function.To use the TOPPING L30 as a preamplifier simply toggle the front switch and now you can use the L30 to control the volume of your powered speakers or attenuate the volume of your power amplifier.

External AC Power Supply

To preserve the tiny footprint and ensure consistent performance under all circumstances TOPPING chose to take a different approach using an external AC adapter to power the L30.

Using an external transformer-based AC adapter to convert a higher-voltage current provides many advantages compared to DC.

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