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Package Contents:

  • 1¡ÁTOPPING E50 DAC. ( more details here)
  • 1¡ÁTOPPING L50 Amp ( more detailshere)
  • 1 pair ¡Á 0.25m SKW OCC R cable( more detailshere)
    or SKW BG08 TRS balanced cable ( more details here )
    or Topping TCR 2 10mm R cable.

Topping E50 DAC ES9068AS MQA Headphone DAC


>High-Performance ES9068AS Sabre DAC chipset.

>Latest Generation XMOS XU216 16-core USB receiver.

>PCM decoding up to 32-Bit/768kHz.

>Native DSD512 decoding.

>CPLD processing.

>THD+N: 0.00009%.

>Full MQA decoding support.

>Ultra-low noise pre-amp output.

>Selectable R & TRS output modes.

>Remote Control.

>Automatic On/Off.

Topping has introduced its latest Desktop DAC the Topping E50 featuring the new ES9068AS Sabre DAC chip. It utilizes a 2nd generation XMOS USB signal receiver chip that enables high-resolution PCM and DSD decoding support along with full MQA decoding support. Enrich your experience with a high-resolution Desktop DAC the Topping E50!!

Premium Sabre DAC Chip For Absolute Performance:-

Topping E50 is an excellent Desktop DAC capable of delivering high-resolution performance with ultra-low distortion and high SNR ratings all thanks to its high-performance ES9068AS Sabre DAC chip. It provides a pure and natural sound with a highly detailed presentation.

2nd Gen 16-Core XMOS USB Processor:-

XMOS is a well-reputed brand when it comes to technological chipsets. Their USB signal processors are widely used in DAC's and Audio Players. Topping has featured their 2nd generation 16-core XMOS XU216 USB signal processor in the E50. It provides support for high-resolution PCM and DSD decoding. Topping E50 supports full 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD512 over USB connection all thanks to the XU216 USB processor.Users need to install ASIO drivers by Topping to get the full potential performance with the E50.

Ultra-Low Jitter Using CPLD Processing:-

Topping E50 uses CPLD processing to process the clock and optimize the digital signal achieving incredible jitter suppression capabilities. With this new CPLD processing there is no need for an extra femtosecond crystal or an external clock to reduce the jitter.

Automatic On/Off Functionality:-

Topping E50 supports an automatic on/off function it automatically turns on and is set to the input where a valid signal is found. When no signal is provided for about a minute the E50 turns off automatically.

Technical Specs:-

USB In:-


DSD: DSD64-DSD512(natively) DSD64-DSD256(DoP).

Full MQA decoding.

Coax/Opt In:-


DSD: DSD64(DoP).

MQA renderer decoding.

Decoding Parameters:-

Single-Ended R Output:-

THD+N(A-weighted): <0.00010%.

THD(no-weight): <0.0003%.

SNR: 124dB.

Dynamic Range: 124dB.

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz(¡À0.1dB) 20Hz-40kHz(¡À0.03dB).

Output level: 2Vrms.

Noise(A-wt): <1.3uVrms.

Crosstalk: -130dB.

Channel Balance: 0.3dB.

Output Impedance: 20¦¸.

TRS Balanced Output:-

THD+N(A-weighted): <0.00009%.

THD(no-weight): <0.0003%.

SNR: 126dB.

Dynamic Range: 126dB.

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz(¡À0.1dB) 20Hz-40kHz(¡À0.03dB).

Output level: 4Vrms.

Noise(A-wt): <2.3uVrms.

Crosstalk: -139dB.

Channel Balance: 0.3dB.

Output Impedance: 100¦¸.

TOPPING L50 Headphone Amp NF Modules


>Newly designed NF Circuit.

>4-Pin XLR balanced headphone output.

>6.35mm single-ended headphone output.

>Tremendously powerful(Output power rating of up to 3500mW).

> Three-step gain switch.

>Easily use with high sensitivity and low sensitivity headphones.

>High-output voltage.

>Ultra-low output impedance.

>Input pass through.

Along with the latest E50 MQA desktop DAC Topping has unveiled its latest balanced headphone amplifier Behold the latest Topping L50. Using a redesigned NF circuit the L50 brings extraordinary clean sound signal amplification with ultra-low distortion and high SNR ratings. The amplifier has a maximum output power rating of up to 3500mW or 3.5W at 16¦¸ of load. Even at 600¦¸ the L50 provides up to 290mW of power that is more than enough to power up demanding cans without any trouble. For sensitive IEMs don't worry the Topping L50 has an ultra-low output impedance of <0.1¦¸ and a super clean noise-floor pair them without worrying about any background noise. The latest Topping L50 is designed to match with the latest E50 MQA DAC making an amazing Desktop stack with MQA decoding and powerful output.

High-Class Amplifier For A High-Class DAC:-

To match with their recently released E50 Desktop DAC Topping has provided us with a powerful Headphone amplifier the Topping L50. L50 brings the best out of E50 for your headphones with its clean and powerful signal amplification. Complete your desktop stack with the E50+L50 combo and be prepared for an absolutely brilliant experience.

NF Amplification Circuit Redefined:-

Based on the same working principle as the premium A30 Pro amplifier Topping has revamped the NF circuit for the L50 Headphone Amplifier. It provides twice the power of L30 at 300¦¸ impedance. Topping L50 is optimized to deliver clean amplification to the signal with lower distortion and high dynamic range. The device achieves an ultra-low 0.3uV noise and 145dB high dynamic range ratings ensuring quality performance.

Both Single-Ended & Balanced Configurations:-

Topping L50 offers both single-ended as well as balanced input/output options. Users can pair the beauty with the latest E50 Desktop DAC and use the TRS balanced or R single-ended input/output function it also has input pass through R and TRS ports. For headphones the L50 has a 4-pin XLR balanced and 6.35mm single-ended ports.

Three-Level Gain Mode For Best Pairing For Both Sensitive As Well As Demanding Headphones:-

Topping L50 has a three-level gain switch that allows for precise volume control with sensitive as well as demanding headphones. It has a powerful output rating of up to 3500mW@16¦¸. Even at 600¦¸ high-impedance load the Topping L50 outputs up to 290mW of clean and powerful output. It can easily power any sensitive or demanding headphones without breaking a sweat.

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